Monday, August 18, 2014

My Perspective From The 'View'


     The above view, from the deck of our house in Sylva, North Carolina, has been our family summer home, since 1985. The four and a half hour drive across the scenic trails of Tennessee is like waking from one dream...and walking into another. There have been lots of fun times, love, and fabulous memories under the roof of this house, and on the deck of our mountain paradise. This year, Bruce and I have been especially blessed to have been here since June 16th... and it's the first year we've had the place to ourselves. As much as we love 'family,' we've really enjoyed this particular trip. We have to time to work and play, cook, travel, and visit with our neighbors; some who live here full-time, others who are summer residents. Most of all, I enjoy the quiet, with time to think, write, and read; truly, three of my favorite things.

But we make time for kayaking

Playing golf

 making peach gifts from God's gifts
With the view from my 'office,' it's all in a day's work!
 In the above photo, I'm enjoying working on a talk for an upcoming Del Webb Community Ladies Contitution Day event, September 17th. I was invited to speak and share music by a fellow DAR. I discovered some unique, solid, biblical principles upon which our U.S. Contitution is based....which I will present. Thomas Jefferson uncovered these principles and brought them to the table. Thank God for our Founding Fathers!
Tomorrow we head up to East Tennessee, a scant 3 hour drive from here for three speaking/singing engagements. I'm so glad Bruce can accompany me on this trip. These three club are part of Stonecroft Ministries. I have enjoyed being part of their speaker roster for the past twelve  years. Bruce and I will come back here afterwards, close the house and head home to Nashville. Whew! Lots to do in the meantime......... and my quiet time? I'll have to get up in the morning extra, extra early :)
It's a blessed life, indeed!