Friday, September 12, 2014

My First Publishing Contract with Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine

       I'm very pleased to announce I just signed my first publishing contract with FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Clubhouse Magazine for "The Story of Abigail Adams." I wrote this story based on my National Society Daughters of the American Revolution American Heritage Music Composition international award-winning song "Be Like Abigail (Ode to Abigail Smith Adams.) Clubhouse Magazine is geared to ages 8-12 year olds. I am a big fan of this magazine. It's an honor to speak into the lives of our youth.
Lynne Drysdale Patterson's photo. 
With 4 book proposals edited by Eva Marie Everson (one of the nicest, wittiest writer/editors on the planet) in my briefcase and a couple of story ideas I think warrant the time and attention of weary publishers and editors and as a longtime tunesmith, wordsmith, journal keeper, reader, writer, student, and blogger, I decided to attend the 2013 Florida Christian Writers Conference.  I made an appointment with Jesse Florea, Clubhouse Magazine's editor.  I had an idea and proposal for a wonderful children's story - which he liked! Long story short (no pun intended) I'm reworking that story. In 2014, I submitted The Story of Abigail Adams to Clubhouse Magazine. The story was a joy to write and I am beyond thrilled that my story will appear in a 2015 publication of Clubhouse Magazine.
I am a lifelong songwriter. The gift and desire was given God, but I had to study the craft. With a song, the writer has approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds to tell a complete story. Writing words is a different animal, but one which walks to a similiar rhythm. It's an interesting dichotomy and I appreciate the craft. But I digress...
I'm reading The Breastplate a fiction based civil war novel by Shirley McCracken and will retire early tonight to continue saga. Just finished rereading Hind's Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard - which I began in the mountains of North Carolina. How apropo! Also, pulled Jeff Gerke's "Plot Versus Character" off the shelf and am reading that and am learning, learning, learning from Christopher Maselli's Writing Momentum at Awesome video's worth a writer's weight in gold.
On another note, I have been waiting a while to hear from a university press regarding a non-fiction book proposal I pitched. After some favorable back and forth, the acquisitions editor left for another press. The new acq. ed.  likes my book idea, but must run the proposal by a review board. Art is subjective. I should hear something soon. Whatever it is, it'll be good news. (Romans 8:28; Jeremiah 29:11)
Come what may, I am thrilled, honored and humbled, really, to know The Story of Abigail Adams will be read by young inquiring minds. I truly enjoy writing for tweens with the hope of planting good seed for their future. If you'd like to hear the song Be Like Abigail (Ode to Abigail Smith Adams) go to and in the left-hand column, click on "Be Like Abigail icon. Scroll down and click on the MP3. It's a tutorial toe-tapper. :)