Monday, September 16, 2013

Abigail Adams Goes To School

Along the trails of Tennessee, tomorrow morning at 10:30 I will share my National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) award-winning song Be Like Abigail (Ode to Abigail Smith Adams) with a class of third graders at one of Nashville's premier elementary schools. I was invited by a teacher friend of mine to share Abigail with her students. How fun! 
    As you may know, women of Abigail's generation - The Revolutionary War era (1776) - were denied formal education in favor of domestic responsibilities. Among her plethora of honors (one being the wife of John Adams, first Vice-President and second President of the United States), I know Mrs. Adams would be pleased to be heralded as a patriotic woman of valor, and heroine of The American Revolution to a wide-eyed group of seven-year olds. What a wonderful opportunity to plant patriotic seeds into the hearts and minds of our children. 
    I will include pictures of "Abigail Adams Goes To School" after tomorrow's adventure. Stay tuned...which, btw, is the mantra of any self-respecting musician :)